Former cornerback for the New York Jets, Cleveland Browns and New England Patriots has aspired to a promising future with his restaurants, specialty retail locations, newsstands and clothing stores.

Ray Mickens

A History with Ray

“I feel it’s my fiduciary duty to do business with current and former NFL players. For instance, I buy and support other NFL players who sell items like ketchup, barbecue sauce, and coffee.”

M2 Concepts, LLC is a privately held, minority owned food, beverage, and retailing company with expertise in food & beverage and retail operations in airports and non-traditional settings.

Texas Elite: 7v7


The Ray Mickens Champions fund


Ray Mickens is working with youth around the country that are seeking the opportunity for college exposure and personal development.

Postal Address

Ray Mickens

P.O. Box 93176
Southlake, TX